All you need to know about our recruitment and personnel services and useful
information on finding accommodation, taxes and working in the Netherlands.

Candidate's recruitment

  • Experienced staff help match your skills, experience and career plans to those of a potential contract or employer.

  • They will discuss the vacancy with you regarding location, position, technical skills and company environment and culture together with your suitability for the role.

  • Will give in-depth information and advice on living and working in the Netherlands - the salary and package offered, local taxes, culture and legal requirements.

  • Schedule interviews and arrange flights and hotels (where required) and collection and transport to and from the interview.

  • With successful candidates, an assessment of start-up and or relocation needs is made.

The package includes help and advice on:-

  • Location of suitable, local long-term accommodation including searches, selection, costs and laws

  • Taxes:- income tax, social costs, the 30% allowance, tax deductions and rebates

  • Advice:- on banking, pensions, healthcare, language courses and schooling.

  • Immigration and work permits

  • Registration:-Town Hall, Police etc

  • Transport:- a guide to public transport, flights, cars and driving licenses

  • Familiarisation with local social, medical and sport facilities.

  • Friendly and helpful advice and support as required throughout the┬áduration of the contract.

Candidate Support Package

In order for you to settle in quickly to your new position and quite possibly your new country, both you and our client appreciate that time-out is required to complete your relocation and or orientation.

Our pro-active approach means that we can advise and organise as many of your requirements as possible, before you arrive, to start your new position. Thus saving you time and effort.
Whether you are living here already or arriving in the Netherlands for the first time, you get peace of mind and can give the new project your full concentration.We are experienced in relocating families and individuals to the Netherlands and in providing help and advice in all those vital areas where the language or culture may be different to those in your country of origin. Our in-house team are experienced in the relocation of expats, many of them have done it for themselves in the past.